Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why the sixties

The sixties is the turning point in American society where everything changed. Before the sixties a man could walk into the office and the "girls" would be happy to make him coffee. Before the sixties you knew the first names of the owners of all the stores in your neighborhood. Before the sixties adults controlled what tv shows the families would watch and kids didn't talk back. Before the sixties students had respect for their teachers.

Before the sixties a fella could eat anything he wanted, buy as big a car as he wanted, throw his garbage anywhere he wanted, smoke if he wanted, drink if he wanted. Nobody heard of organic. Nobody heard of cultural diversity. Men didn't have to wash clothes, cook dinner, shop or do anything but drink beer and work on their cars. And most importantly, it was a time when women didn"t wear pants nor men sport ponytails.

After the sixties all that changed. I can't think of one aspect of American life that wasn't altered by the sixties. And so that's why everybody writes about those heady times. This blog will write about how a young kid experienced that memorable decade where everything changed.

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